Revisiting Familiar Flavors

For the last two days I have been elbow deep in cookie dough. As a child it was a big deal for me to make cookies each year… the more the merrier.

After marrying Jere and eating vegan it has been interesting improvising all the old faithful holiday recipes. Baking without milk, eggs, butter and cream seemed hopeless at first… that is until I found some handy alternatives (soy milk, egg replacer and earth balance margarine). They are my secret weapons in the cupboard! So far this year I’ve made 6 different kinds of christmas cookies  (cranberry oatmeal, pinwheels, sugar cookie cutouts, spiced cardamom cookies, chocolate snowcaps and coconut macaroons!)  and even some chocolate fudge. They still have to stand trial with all the employees, relatives and friends… but as far as I’m concerned, they taste just like some of the cookies I remember!