Traveling with Toddlers

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My husband and I love to travel. So, when I found out I was pregnant I decided that we would try our best to instill this love of the road in our child. Throughout my pregnancy I heard several horror stories about kids and travel not being a good mix. There were a lot of “I remember when…” and “Life will definitely slow down for you now…” comments. Our lifestyle did adjust to our new family member, but only for the better. Our first road trip with our daughter was across country in a car for 5 days when she was three months old. Sure there were some awkward moments and a lot of stops, but hey that was all part of the fun! I made so many good memories on that trip! Our daughter does love to travel, in fact I think she likes being on the road more than around the house. We love seeing each new spot through her eyes…read more of my article at


Shopping Spree in San Francisco

We left at the end of January for our yearly trip to California, we have seen some beautiful places so far… including San Francisco…

Chinatown. Got to love those orchids... 🙂

So far I’ve made three shopping trips into the city with visiting family and friends. Although hectic at times, we love visiting this city. We’ve made several trips to Chinatown where I  had to visit the bakery for some seasame balls, my favorite of all Asian desserts. Yum! They were 35 cents each! Can’t beat that!

The Ferry Building

Jere and I also love the Ferry Building which is right on the Bay. Not only beautiful on the outside but tempting on the inside. It is filled with specialty food vendors and restaurants. We ate at the Slanted Door Vietnamese restaurant, which finds its home in the historic building. Our seeds supply some of the produce that this restaurant turns into delicious dishes. It was a real treat have lunch there!

Enjoying the view.

It has been an incredible trip so far and I can’t wait to see where we’ll end up next. 🙂