Sasha’s Mittens

I just finished the binding on this Christmas gift. Whew! Nice to have that last gift finished… and just in the nick of time.

Earlier in the fall I was flipping through an early 90s quilting magazine and was inspired to try my hand at quilting a gift for one of the loved ones on my list… I had done some piecing in the past, but never an entire project. So, through some trial and much (much) error this pattern, which I named “Sasha’s Mittens,” emerged from my chaotic craft studio. 🙂

The fabric is scrap dress material from Silver Dollar City’s seamstress shop for employees. A couple years back Jere and I set up an heirloom squash display during their fall festival. To my great delight it was at the same time as their big sale in the costume department (for employees and visiting craftsmen only). Upon walking in the door of the shop what to my wondering eyes should appear but a giant box filled with beautiful fabric and at a ridiculous price! So, I suppose you could say I upcycled this fabric into my table runner Christmas gift. 🙂


Handmade Holidays


During the hoildays I always go on a craft binge. My mind starts spinning with all the goodies I can personalize and create for my loved ones. The holidays seem to sap my time away, so this year I’ve decided to start earlier and try to give at least one handmade item to each person on my list. I try to stock pile goodies throughout the year that our vendors sell or that I find in my travels that are handmade or vintage. It saves $’s and makes for a unique gift.

With that said, if I can’t make it handmade, then I want to at least try to buy it handmade. I absolutely love  It is so inspiring. I love to check out their daily showcase. Since I don’t drink coffee in the morning, I use their site to wake up my creative energy! 🙂

Any projects you’re working on for under the tree, I’d love to hear about it.

The Folk Center

Inside a cabin at the Folk Center

Inside a cabin at the Folk Center

Over the weekend we went to one of my favorite corners of the country, The Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas. It’s a hidden treasure trove of ozark folk art. I always bring something home with me. This time it was a lovely painting and some hand-carved candles. My most unique find, a cigar box fiddle. It actually sounds really good. 🙂

Every day live music fills the ozark hills.

Live music fills the Ozark hills.

In the summer months it seems like the whole town turns out for bluegrass and gospel music on the square. It’s like stepping back in time, fire flies flitting through the air, an ice cream stand with neon flickering lights and lots of good old fashion music.

Handmade Soap

Comment for a chance to win a bar!

The latest batch.

There is nothing like a good old fashion cake of soap to wash away the busy day. I’ve been busy at work whipping up some new batches for our store in Petaluma, CA, as well as my apothecary here at the farm. It’s been lots of fun, albeit there have been several days where I could fall over for the strong peppermint oil aromatherapy. But hey, I was feelin’ good so no argument here!