Starting Your Own Herb Garden!

Check out an article that I had published on… it might just inspire you to start your own culinary herb garden!

Read the article here…


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  8. Yeah basil from seed is pretty easy, here I cannot kill do not matter what I do, sometimes I forget to water for a few days, or cut them really badly when the tomatoes are ready, and the plants always grow new leaves!

  9. Right on, Emilee, herb gardens are a good thing!

    Catnip is indeed a member of the mint family, and at times I’ve almost pulled it up by accident thinking it was henbit weed…oops.

    Catnip has a sedative effect on humans; either as a tea or when dried and smoked. The sedative effect is even more notable when you combine catnip and spearmint tea…DON’T do it if you need to get up early the next morning!

    Basil grows like nobody’s business where I live. It can reach knee-high, or even thigh-high. All in a single summer, started from SEED, mind you.

    And one thing I don’t do is remove the blooms. I collect some leaf material before flowering, and use that for drying, but once the flowers form I allow them to produce seed; then I save the seed. And grow it, or trade it through F.H.E., or whatever.

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