Yes to Carrots!

Thanks to the seedsman in my family this Christmas I was introduced to some new products that I have fallen in love with. I’m a queen of label reading and I like to buy products that are as natural as possible! That’s what I strive for anyways. So, Yes To has won me over. I love their products and their facination with veggies!  Plus they started a non-profit seed fund for under-served communities!

Their products actually contain veggie extracts… for example the second ingredient in Yes to Carrots “C a Softer You” lotion is carrot juice! Mix that up with some of the other ingredients like avocado oil, melon extract, orange extract, pumpkin juice and sweet potato extract it sounds almost like it could be a liquid diet! After all, what’s good for the inside has to be good for the outside!

Check out a new favorite in my stash the Yes To! products!



2 Responses

  1. try out mountain rose herbs products! they have a mail catalog and online one. Their products are all natural and most are certified organic. I gotten skin care products from them as well as tea and candles. no harsh chemicals either. I just love them!

  2. How funny is it that the same week I was going to contact you to get a catalogue and info sent to Ido Leffler (CEO of Yes To) that you discover Yes To products! I found them just over a year ago and am completely in love with their stuff! The products are amazing and they truly care about what they put in them. I’m a “VIC” or as I call myself, a carrot evangelist 🙂 We’ve had 2 different conference calls with Ido and he is such a great guy! The seed fund is a great concept too. I’ll be making many trips to Bakersville (we live in Marshfield) this spring and summer, so maybe we can meet up. I have a book from YTC that you can check out, showing all of their products and info, and I may have more samples by then. They’re coming out with a line of SPF products, as well as baby products too! Can’t wait to come out to see the progress you and Jere have made over the winter.

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