Sasha’s Mittens

I just finished the binding on this Christmas gift. Whew! Nice to have that last gift finished… and just in the nick of time.

Earlier in the fall I was flipping through an early 90s quilting magazine and was inspired to try my hand at quilting a gift for one of the loved ones on my list… I had done some piecing in the past, but never an entire project. So, through some trial and much (much) error this pattern, which I named “Sasha’s Mittens,” emerged from my chaotic craft studio. 🙂

The fabric is scrap dress material from Silver Dollar City’s seamstress shop for employees. A couple years back Jere and I set up an heirloom squash display during their fall festival. To my great delight it was at the same time as their big sale in the costume department (for employees and visiting craftsmen only). Upon walking in the door of the shop what to my wondering eyes should appear but a giant box filled with beautiful fabric and at a ridiculous price! So, I suppose you could say I upcycled this fabric into my table runner Christmas gift. 🙂


One Response

  1. Fall ’06, Silver Dollar City festival? Goodness gracious; Sasha’s mittens are older than Sasha herself!

    Or at least the FABRIC of the mittens is, anyway.

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