The Folk Center

Inside a cabin at the Folk Center

Inside a cabin at the Folk Center

Over the weekend we went to one of my favorite corners of the country, The Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas. It’s a hidden treasure trove of ozark folk art. I always bring something home with me. This time it was a lovely painting and some hand-carved candles. My most unique find, a cigar box fiddle. It actually sounds really good. 🙂

Every day live music fills the ozark hills.

Live music fills the Ozark hills.

In the summer months it seems like the whole town turns out for bluegrass and gospel music on the square. It’s like stepping back in time, fire flies flitting through the air, an ice cream stand with neon flickering lights and lots of good old fashion music.


3 Responses

  1. I wanna go!!!

  2. Hey, wow, a cigar box fiddle. Someone turned a cigar box into something BETTER than its original function: making a pretty melody, instead of holding cancer sticks!

  3. Love, love your blog. Great job.

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