Ask Apparel’s Groovy Threads

While sorting through my stash of goodies I found my beautiful osage orange dyed silk scarf from Ask Apparel. We were delighted to have them join us as a vendor last May at our Spring Planting Festival. I love their products. All natural, handmade and stylish! 🙂 Check out their site for some groovy threads!

Ask Apparel
Naturally dyed organic apparel. Ask the right questions, wear the right answers.


4 Responses

  1. Sarah…

    Thanks so much for your comment… what a cool travel opportunity! Jere would love to go to Turkey… it’s on his to-travel list. We’d love to hear about the trip!


  2. Thanks for the post Emilee!

    Here is a link to a bunch of the plants we use for dyes with pictures in case anyone is interested!:

    I will actually be in Central Turkey for a textiles and natural dyeing trip this May, but my sister Ali is looking forward to seeing ya’ll again at the Spring Festival!

    ASK Apparel

  3. Osage Orange makes a yellow dye!

  4. I didn’t know that the osage orange (hedge apple) could dye anything. What color does it make?

    I have experimented with black walnut and pokeberry dye, though. Black walnut makes things tan; pokeberry is more difficult but it can make a pink color. The black walnut dye was one I originally discovered by accident! (Then, I found out that it had historically been used as a dye.)

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