Preparing for a catalog photo shoot…

Searching for the perfect radish.

Searching for the perfect radish.

It seems like every day through the late spring into fall Jere takes a trip to the garden for a photo shoot with a new veggie variety. This week we took photos of radishes, parsnips and some new-to-me root veggies called Scorzonera. I’ve read online they taste like oysters. Hmm, this could be interesting! We’re busy at work on the 2010 catalog. It’s a crazy time of year and I never know what the next day holds, but it’s always an adventure.

Scorzonera. Any recipes?

Scorzonera. Any recipes?


2 Responses

  1. Love this picture. Jere is outstanding in his field and so is His daughter….sweet!

  2. Garden photography is an interesting subject. I never really thought about it until I read “Garden to Order”, and several articles which explained just how painstaking it sometimes is to shoot photos for a seed catalog. I don’t know how obsessive y’all are, but there are some photographers who will chuck 5 shots in the trash for every one that they keep and use in the catalog!

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