Thanks for stopping by!

I look forward to sharing with you about heirloom living for today. Whether its cooking something from the garden, trying a new vegan recipe, saving seed, or spinning wool… there is always something to do around our farm! I hope you’ll come back often and share with me as well!


5 Responses

  1. I love that you’ve started a blog, Emilee! I’m a longtime visitor of Baker Creek Festivals and look forward to reading your thoughts here!


  2. Do you read Countryside? I recall an article in there about spinning churro wool, and its unique properties. I can try to find the issue and page number.

    Those lambs are cute, by the way. I took a picture of them. You better watch those horns when they get bigger, though.

  3. Emilee, great site, welcome to Blogland! You will get addicted! lol Enjoy.

  4. welcome to blog land! I look forward to seeing some more of your posts.:0)

  5. Congratulations Emilee – Look forward to seeing more on your site! Have fun with this. I am sure you will share some garden secrets!

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